About me

Simona Negrini was born in Modena in 1977, she got her high school degree by the Adolfo Venturi Art Institute in Modena and her master’s degree in Conservation of the Cultural Heritage in Ravenna. Afterwards she got two masters by the Roma Tre and Tor Vergata universities, respectively on Writing, Reading and Networking and Cultural Mediation and Museum Didactics.
She attended the Art-Therapy Gestalt Institute in Bologna, then she embraces the Steinerian thought and experiments the surrealist psychic automatism, convinced that every living being, visible or invisible, is a messenger of beauty and spirituality.
Lover of visual arts, she worked for years in the field of eco-art; she organizes art exhibitions all over the Italian area and she is author of many publications. The birth of little Flora made ancient loves reemerge within her: painting and illustration.
The landscape of the Modena Apennines, where she lives and that she uses for inspiration, weights on her graphic sign, sinuous and soft, on the warm and saturated colours and on the “naturalistc” iconography, characterized by anthropomorphic animals that seem to derive from an imaginary bestiary.
She's specialized in art didactics and follows the teachings of Munari and Steiner, she works with children and adults all over Italy. Since 2000 she works with young artists, cultural associations and art ateliers. Since 2011 she proposes workshops about loose parts, destructured materials and euristic contexts for teachers and specialists, she prepares public eco-outfittings, workshops about eco-art, painting and illustration.